35 Fun Icebreakers Perfect for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

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Some of the best ideas at work are generated when casually chatting with colleagues in the break-room. The virtual water cooler is a great substitute for the physical version. Or, take it up a notch and create small teams to battle against each other. They can chat on your team channel, then submit answers on the board. Keep a weekly tally and award prizes at the end of the month or year.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

This gives your team the chance to connect with each other and explain their responses. Sometimes, more than one of your employees may have the same response. Just group them together and let your employees know they get more guesses. Before the meeting, use an open-ended survey or send an email asking your employees a light-hearted question.

Fun Virtual Team Icebreaker Ideas & Games for Meetings

If you’ve ever experienced the real thing, you surely know that it’s as much fun as it is nerve-wracking! It involves dealing with various challenges, finding codes, and completing puzzles in order to “get out of the room”. Depending on the setup you’re in, divide your colleagues into smaller groups (if you’re in an online setup, use breakout rooms) and ask them to discuss their struggles.

The key is ensuring employees know when it starts, when it ends, and how to participate. Select the day your treasure hunt icebreakers for virtual meetings will start and talk it up. Work with your intranet webmaster to place these tokens throughout your intranet pages.

Virtual Team Building Activities & Games

Although it might take a little extra planning at first, there are plenty of activities that will help remote teams feel more connected. We hope you’ve liked our list of the best Zoom icebreaker activities for large groups. Slack apps for virtual teams are fun extensions that can be used to help build remote employee culture and engagement. Since employees likely use Slack every day, the platform provides an ideal touchpoint for other programs and initiatives you want to try. Range provides remote teams with the functionality they need to stay strong and effective together.

The fundamental nature of the employer/employee relationship will also need to adapt as times change. Find a virtual team building software to host the online game like Weveor Virtual Coworker Feud. Trivia questions are a fantastic way to bond as a team and learn some interesting facts! You can keep it simple with one round of questions, then head into the meeting. It’s also a very low-risk icebreaker because no one is being asked to share personal information about themselves. A quick icebreaker game before a team meeting boosts engagement and gets the creative juices flowing. In this fun icebreaker game, your team will need to read the lips of their teammates and guess the phrase.

Two Truths And One Lie

Sharing is caring – and that should apply to both the good and the bad. Next, put all of the collected statements into Slido multiple choice polls, or you can make it a live quiz. It’s a sweet little activity to make people talk and get to know one another better. Ask people to submit what they are grateful for or who from the team they would like to thank.

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8 Icebreakers for Church Meetings.

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We aren’t just talking about your typical lockdown Zoom quiz here. Have a look at our list of 20 “Would you rather” fun ice breaker questions above. This next set of icebreaker games can be easily adapted for groups of over 12 guests .

Good Old Times

Lucidspark has three templates that engage people on various levels, helping you start your meetings on the right foot. An icebreaker can help kick off a meeting by encouraging the team to participate and share. If you’re about to host a meeting that requires some creativity, this silly icebreaker will get your employees thinking outside the box. Share your most memorable life stories and form deeper connections with this simple icebreaker game. There’s a reason so many ice breakers call for smaller groups. Small groups make it easier for people to connect and harder for someone to get left out. The facilitator can share the responses while employees try to guess whose response it is.

WorkStyle is an online tool that measures employees’ personalities and then generates profiles for each employee and the team as a whole. A good icebreaker is a way to build a constructive atmosphere and ensure that, despite the physical distance between everyone, the meeting does not feel distant.

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